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Wingdom has ceased to exist as a band. Visit Wingdom Official Website to find more information about the subject. This fansite will continue online until further notice.


Home: This page.
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Band: Information about Wingdom members and their history as a band.
Works: Wingdom discography.
Lyrics: It is clear enough.
Gallery: A collection of promotional, live and other photos of the band.
Tours: You can see the latest and next Wingdom gigs here.
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Guestbook: Use it to leave a message if you want to tell me something.
Me: Information about Tomorrow webmaster... webmistress... whatever.

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Thanks To

- Luna, Teleri, Miharu, Bishounen, Nahga & Elena: for supporting me in all those hard times. I owe you a huge one.
- Maky: for infecting me with that joy of yours which made me love you like I do.
- My Chemistry teacher: for showing me a little bit of you everytime we talk. For cheering me up with your exclusive sarcasm when I silently begged you for help. For making me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life. And for so many other things.
- All of you: for visiting this site!