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Date Update
29th Oct 2007 The band Wingdom has come to an end. Visit Wingdom Official Website for more information regarding this subject.
25th May 2007 Wingdom Official Website has had some technical problems lately, you can find some further details there. Everything seems to be OK now :)
25th Jun 2006 Updated: Band, Lyrics. Added the new bassist, Jarno, and the lyrics of Reality. The official website has a brand new layout and more information.
4 Sep 2005 Updated: Gallery -> Live. 10 more pictures added. Enjoy!
29 May 2005 The site has been uploaded to a new, better server; a slow one, though.
9 May 2005 Wingdom's first album (Reality) tracklist is now available at Works. There are some new pictures at Gallery - Other too.
14 Apr 2005 Updated: Tours. Wingdom first album will be released in Finland (20th April) and some days later in Europe (25th. April).
5 Mar 2005 Updated: Tours, Gallery -> Other, Gallery -> Live.
31st Nov 2004 Wingdom Fanlisting, Where Do We Go, and Tony Kakko fanlisting, Brainwashed, have been added to the links.
29th Sept 2004 Nine more miscellaneous images have been added.
21st Sept 2004 After some problems with my server (whose webmaster ignored my e-mails reporting them, I should say), the site is completely uploaded and working. Hope you like it.
16th Sept 2004 Fansite finished.
15th Sept 2004 Added: Sami information, Tours section, Home section, News section.
14th Sept 2004 Main html code written.
12th Sept 2004 Layout created.